Auto Glass Tinting In Seattle Whats Right For You?

If youre thinking about getting auto glass tinting in Seattle, its important to first consider exactly what kind of tint youll be getting. The fact is that there are several levels of darkness for window films and your choice will be limited by several factors.

Types of Window Tint

Ceramic Film

The highest quality in the market today, this type of film provides excellent protection against the sun while keeping visibility at its best. Thanks to its top quality, ceramic films are also the most expensive.

Metallized Film

It manages to block the sun and make your windows stronger thanks to the small particles of metal embedded on the film. Unfortunately, its tendency to affect GPS makes it a no-go for modern cars.

Dyed Window Tint Film

This is perhaps the most common type of film available today thanks to its cheap cost. It manages to cut back on the heat passing through the car but not as well as ceramic film. They can also fade away in time and will not constant replacement. From the outside, the films manage to make the windows look completely opaque.

Carbon Window Tint Film

If youre looking for a cost-efficient option, this is it. Providing wonderful heat reduction while staying for long periods of time the carbon window tint film contains zero metals and doesnt interfere with GPS.

Seattle Regulations

The biggest factor to consider when it comes to auto glass tinting in Seattle is the law which governs the application. The fact is that although window tinting is allowed, youll have to make sure that it does not exceed the maximum amount needed for darkness. This law is enforced often as a precautionary measure so that car drivers wouldnt have complete impunity when driving. For example what if the driver runs a stop light? A heavily tinted window would make it difficult to verify if the driver of the car at that time is the same person who is the registered owner.
Fortunately, this is not a problem you have to worry about if you choose professional window tinting professionals. They have a direct line when it comes to tinting regulations and could therefore make sure that the darkness of the film stays within the allowed limits of Seattle. This way, you wont have to pay a penalty should an officer spot or stop your car due to a violation. In some cases, the tint itself may require removal and replacement all under your expense, of course. By starting right the first time, this is the kind of unnecessary expense that you can easily avoid.