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Keep Car Escape Tools Handy In Your Auto Emergency Kits

There is a broad spectrum of different types of car escape tools available on todays market. However, they have not all been created equal. While some measure tread depth to be sure youll be able to keep control of your vehicle, they go much further than that. However, they have not all been created equal. While some measure tread depth to be sure youll be able to keep control of your vehicle, they go much further than that. Make sure your escape tool has a range of features you could potentially need. Look for a glass hammer, something to cut seat belt straps, a flashlight and a tread depth gauge at the bare minimum. That way, if you should ever need to get you or a family member out of a crashed car, it will be possible.

One of the highest quality affordable car escape tools is made by a company called Mogix. It is a hand-sized, inexpensive device that is equipped with a razor blade to cut seat belts. It also has a window breaker, which can effectively take out a car window with ease. The small size of the tool means that it can be handled and carried very easily and should be available in any emergency kit. There are other tools designed for specific emergencies, but a small device that can cut seat belts and break windows may be the most effective in a time of great need.

Disaster can be unpredictable and accidents can have life threatening consequences. There is no way to completely guard against a disaster and ensuring that one never happens, but being prepared can end up saving drivers a lot of grief. Emergency kits will need more than car escape tools, of course, and they should also have first aid kits, road flares, and other such equipment that can be used in the event of an emergency.

The holiday season is just around the corner and it often comes with a combination of rough winter storms and road trips to see friends and family members. Being prepared may seem tedious to some people, but when traveling long distances, this preparedness can save people's lives. Even the most simple car escape tool can make the different between injury and even death and such things should not be taken lightly. These tools are not perfect, of course, and safe driving practices should be taken seriously as well. By being a safe and prepared driver, youll keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safer.

Different Ways To Earn Money By Selling Unwanted Cars

The third point is getting in touch with a junk car service. The removal companies are the one to show up on getting in touch with them as they are interested in buying your unwanted cars. They tow it for free.. Instead, you also receive cash for the They tow it for free. Instead, you also receive cash for the car you sold. This is the reason these services have gained prominence. At the same time you can also consider giving away your car to the removal companies operating nationwide as they offer you a real worthy price. Yes, this is true, they not only tow your car, but they also pay you, regardless of its worst state of condition. This may sound absolutely unbelievable, but that is the truth. There are many companies offering such services out in the market and are hassle free and reliable. You have to contact such a service and let them know about selling your car with relevant details. They quote a price and if it is acceptable, they take your car and your payment is settled. Earn some cash and become free from the unwanted car maintenance responsibility.

Auto Glass Tinting In Seattle Whats Right For You?

If youre thinking about getting auto glass tinting in Seattle, its important to first consider exactly what kind of tint youll be getting. The fact is that there are several levels of darkness for window films and your choice will be limited by several factors.

Types of Window Tint

Ceramic Film

The highest quality in the market today, this type of film provides excellent protection against the sun while keeping visibility at its best. Thanks to its top quality, ceramic films are also the most expensive.

Metallized Film

It manages to block the sun and make your windows stronger thanks to the small particles of metal embedded on the film. Unfortunately, its tendency to affect GPS makes it a no-go for modern cars.

Dyed Window Tint Film

This is perhaps the most common type of film available today thanks to its cheap cost. It manages to cut back on the heat passing through the car but not as well as ceramic film. They can also fade away in time and will not constant replacement. From the outside, the films manage to make the windows look completely opaque.

Carbon Window Tint Film

If youre looking for a cost-efficient option, this is it. Providing wonderful heat reduction while staying for long periods of time the carbon window tint film contains zero metals and doesnt interfere with GPS.

Seattle Regulations

The biggest factor to consider when it comes to auto glass tinting in Seattle is the law which governs the application. The fact is that although window tinting is allowed, youll have to make sure that it does not exceed the maximum amount needed for darkness. This law is enforced often as a precautionary measure so that car drivers wouldnt have complete impunity when driving. For example what if the driver runs a stop light? A heavily tinted window would make it difficult to verify if the driver of the car at that time is the same person who is the registered owner. Fortunately, this is not a problem you have to worry about if you choose professional window tinting professionals. They have a direct line when it comes to tinting regulations and could therefore make sure that the darkness of the film stays within the allowed limits of Seattle. This way, you wont have to pay a penalty should an officer spot or stop your car due to a violation. In some cases, the tint itself may require removal and replacement all under your expense, of course. By starting right the first time, this is the kind of unnecessary expense that you can easily avoid.

All about Automotive Air Conditioning


Air conditioning for cars allows the car to have a good atmosphere in which the driver and passengers are comfortable. Now as much all air conditioners work the same way you need to know that when you turn on the one in your car, the number of miles will be affected.

Air conditioning like it says 'conditions' the air. It not only cools it down, but also reduces the moisture content, or humidity. All air conditioners work the same way whether they are installed in a building, or in a car. The fridge or freezer is in a way an air conditioner as well. Air conditioning is a field in it's own right, but we'll stick to the main points or a car's air conditioning and the main parts used and a few hints to keep the air-con system running properly.

A number of people don't realise that turning on the air conditioning actually reduces the number of miles per gallon of your car. There is energy used in removing the heat and moisture from the air in the car, and this consumes petrol because of the extra engine load.

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It’s a hot afternoon and you are all sweaty in the car and you cannot have a firm grip on the steering. Such is the scenario of a car that does not have conditioning. You need to do something fast and that is get an AC or if it is there then there is  something wrong with it and therefore you will need to check out for the signs just to be sure.

Cool But Not Cold

If the air conditioning is set to max cool and fans on high, but is only blowing moderately cool air.

Check to see that the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running when the air conditioning is on.

Look for any restrictions like leaves, bugs or dirt that would keep air from passing over the condenser.

Check the cabin air filter to ensure that it is not clogged.


When diagnosing an air conditioning issue, it's easiest to begin at the compressor.

With the engine running turn the A/C on max cool, set fans high, and make sure that the clutch is engaging on the compressor.

Note: this is not the pulley, but the center piece that engages the pulley to the compressor shaft. If the clutch is engaging and disengaging rapidly, the refrigerant may be low.

If the clutch is not engaging, use a voltmeter to check for voltage getting to the compressor.

If there is voltage - the clutch may be bad.

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Do not wait for the unexpected to happen with your AC. You should be maintain it so that it can give you long and effective service. It is quite cheap to maintain the conditioner than having to buy a new one and the fact that you can do it all by yourself makes it all easier.

Run the air conditioner once a week for about ten minutes. This will maintain gas pressure to keep the compressor working properly. When you do this, be sure to turn it to its highest fan speed and coolest setting.

Run defrost mode for about five to ten minutes. This prevents mildew and cleans out excessive moisture, which can lead to unsavory odors in your car.

Use your air conditioner in winter. In addition to cooling your vehicle, one of the air conditioner’s primary functions is to remove humidity from the cabin. It works especially well when you need to remove fog from the windshield to improve visibility.

Re-charge your air conditioning system. Every two years refresh the cooling system with gas and lubricant.

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